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Team Coaching

Team Coaching Tips.

Team Coaching is not the same type of coaching that we do with an individual. As a Team Coach, our responsibility is mainly to observe and work with the system culture, beliefs, defensive routines and relationships between team members.

The most important keys to a team Coaching process are:

  • Respect (the team has reached where it is and does what it can best and knows)
  • Clarify Expectations of the process.
  • Make a good diagnosis of the current situation of the team.
  • Set the goals for the coaching process
  • Design a strong alliance. To establish a prior agreement that details the essential elements to constitute a positive and productive environment for the process.
  • Keep in mind the 3 systemic principles: belonging, order, and balance between giving and taking.
  • Raise team awareness — focus on team attitudes, relationships, and behavior patterns
  • Provoke the system so that true reality emerges.
  • Give a voice to the absent if it is not present during the process.
  • Interventions directed towards the way in which the team does its work and not towards the work that the team performs.
  • No one is in possession of the truth. The team is manifested through the voices of the team, not taken as particular opinions but the team speaks through them.
  • Increase positivity. Positive teams have a greater capacity to face the challenges that are presented to them.
  • Create a common vision. It is vital to have a vision towards which all efforts are directed together, alienated with that of the Organization and based on common values.
  • Expand Possibilities: More possibilities give more freedom and options of success.
  • Design and review actions: Plan, monitor, Feedback, measure, adjust, maintain what works, abandon what does not work and establish new actions.
  • accompany their decisions. The responsibility to carry the actions out is the team and they all have to do their part
  • No AJI (assume, judge, interpret). Ask, don’t stand up and don’t make inferences.

As a coach you are a mirror of the team, clean and without distortions that can hinder, distort or cloud the vision of the team. Remember that these are some keys to coaching teams and you can add yours and you discover in your way.

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