Trainings & Workshops with Pedro

Bespoke Leadership, Communication, Negotiation Workshops

Stimulating, fun, engaging

Personal Power

Find your essence and live without those masks that limit us to be nosotr blame.

Effective Relationships

Create lasting relationships and
With emotional intelligence it can be a challenge in our environment.


A journey that starts from the inside and that through the canvas and design thinking develops and flows

Mindfulness X

Method for learning and practicing full attention in 8 sessions based on neuro-science.

Training as an experiential methodology

Developing a co-creative process in 5 stages, with the participation of the company or client in order to meet the expectations and needs of training or training using the most effective methodologies.


Initial Meeting

The objective is to listen and to have clear the objectives of the workshop, needs of the client and to know the company and equipment (values, culture, etc).

Case Study

Analysis of the information obtained at the initial meeting, including in which language will be developed (Spanish or English).

Training Proposal

Proposal as a starting point developing a co-creative dialogue to converge in an alignment between the parties.

Training Intervention

Development of the intervention agreed with the client

Training Evaluation

Review of the areas of work addressed, clarification and appraisal of the workshop and fulfillment of expectations.

 Successful trainings Incompany tailored to your needs

Empodérate: Take Control of your life, learn to manage, live now, maintain empowering attitudes and behavior aligned with your values, develop your Personal power, trust and transformation

Treat others as they want to be treated. Practical application of the cerebral predominance the communication DISC-MB (4-8 hrs.)
An expedition to team excellence. Under a metaphor of an expedition to Everest, it “ascends” dodging difficulties and dangers from the base camp through the intermediate fields of height to “summit”
Cooking + Coaching
Knowing how to communicate assertively and effectively in a team competition framework “Master Chef” format in a playful framework favors the awareness and attitudes of change.
Leader Coach
Application of coaching skills to managers and leaders of organizations to improve their relational and communication skills.
The Negotiation Pentagon
The art of negotiating from a developing pentagon that will take us beyond the usual negotiation, beyond the win/win in the negotiation.
Lego® Serious Play®
LSP is useful when we want to get the involvement and participation 100% in decision making, and when we are in a complex context in which good decisions require commitment and adaptability on the part of all.

Fun and Learning 

Exclusive and unique thematic Training and workshops for personal, professional, emotional and spiritual development. Enjoy, connect, communicate, get out of your comfort zone and especially learn from the experiences you live in them. Bespoke Leadership, Communication, Negotiation Workshops.


In Company & Open Workshops

Personal Power

Our Personal power is inexhaustible.  Because of all the circumstances of life, beliefs and setbacks, we forget about it and keep it in a very gloomy area.

Mindfullness X

They will discover the connection between all the full attention processes and focus on ways of continuing to integrate full attention in daily life.


Treat others as they want to be treated and not as you want them to treat you. Introduce a new paradigm in your relationships and your communication.

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