Training and Executive Development Skills

Leadership, Influence, Communication & Negotiation

High Energy, Experiential and Fun
Training and Workshops 1

Executive Skills

Teamwork, Results Orientation, Client Orientation, Constancy, Humility, Leadership, Added Value, Time Management, Emotion Management, Focus and Priorities, Leader Coach.

Training and Workshops 2


Summit is an exclusive program developed with my expeditions partner Sergi Mingote, framed in a metaphor of an expedition to the K2, based on the 5 dysfunctions of the teams. A magical workshop

Training and Workshops 3

Team Building

A Team Building activity can be perfect to get to know each other better, to know unknown qualities of our colleagues or to strengthen the ones we already known, in a playful and fun way

Do you want to contract a workshop?


An expedition to an outstanding team. team excellence Under a metaphor of an expedition to the K2, one “ascends” avoiding difficulties and dangers from the base camp passing through the intermediate high camps  until reaching the “Summit”

Leader Coach

Application of coaching skills to organisation managers and team leaders to improve their influence, relationships and communication skills.


Knowing how to communicate assertively and effectively feeling like being in a “Master Chef” program. Team cooking competition in a playful setting favors awareness and change attitudes. 


Treat others as they want to be treated not how you want to be treated. Practical application of brain predominances in DISC communication 

Mindfulness X

Your team will discover the connection between all mindfulness processes and will focus on ways to continue integrating mindfulness into daily life.


Using the WakeUpbrain methodology, we help the team to learn practical tools to innovate and to search for innovative concepts in products, services, processes or market or sales strategies.

Management Skills - Summit® - Team Building - Innovation

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