Failure as an ingredient for success

Many years ago and due to many reasons (education, sports, etc.), I considered failure as unacceptable and intolerable, it would be a question that was neither accepted nor tolerated by me,  Not just that, I coud see it in what others did but not in what i did ‘You see the mote in your brother’s eye, but you do not see thebeam in your own eye’.

I also thought that you could not learn anything from failure, appart than not to repeat it (nothing else) to not make the same mistake, there was no learning on what takes you to succeed. My motto was: “You can only learn from success.”

Nowadays, all this mindset has changed completely: Now i know and believe that you can lose points and win games, that you can make mistakes and still succeed, in fact, if you do not succeed is becouse you have not failures.

We are increasingly clear about the agile concept, in a world so volatile, uncertain, fickle, chaotic and complex, who, under these circumstances  makes no mistakes.

The uncertainty either paralyzes you or “gives you Wings” (like the famous isotonic drink), if you are courageous and your attitude is that of whatever happens you will make mistakes (and many) you will succeed.

Lao Tse wrote “If you don’t want to make mistakes, don’t do anything” so all is about doing. Science teaches us to make mistakes, it is based on verification and falseness, without these two premises it is not science.

So let’s be prepared and accept that  on our way to success, we will have some failures waiting for us there and we have to have the willingness to accept and learn from them.

We do not need to magnify or understate failure, we have to keep a low profile (just like with success), be humble and consider those failures part of our divinity, of our perfect imperfections.

And talking about imperfections, in Japan there is a technique called ‘Kintsugi’ that has become art and also a philosophy of life. It is about repairing broken ceramic pieces with gold-sprinkled varnish. And these recomposed pieces  have a much greater value than when they were “complete and new”

Opening the arms to failures opens the way to success. It is a matter of filling and sprinkling with a golden attitude our imperfections and failures.

“Be resilent My Friend”

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