The Top 10 Executive Skills Wheel

The top 10 executive skills wheel is a tool that offers you a snapshot of how how you score in the 10 executive competencies most demanded by companies. Will take you a minute!Executive Skills Wheel

The executive skills wheel can be done by you or ask someone to put your name and you will have not only how you. see yourself but how others see you (your team, collaborators, management …).

There are many variantios of this executive skills wheel,, although we have to say that these are the key competencies.

Each segment comes with a scale of 0-10 where you rate how well you are doing right now.

1 is the lowest score and 10 is the highest. The test has 20 questions related to the 10 skills or competences. When completed, you will get a diagram that will give you a “picture” of how you are at the moment in each of the competitions.

The executive skills wheel allows you to detect gaps in your executive leadership competences, so you can act immediately and work on the competitions with the lowest score (s) before it is too late. This can be done with the help of a coach.

Required fields are marked *

1.I see opportunities that the competition does not see *
2.I know how to listen and ask important questions *
3.I encourage my team to innovate and collaborate with each other *
4.I adapt well to changes *
5.I occupy my time in what is really important *
6.I promote debate and I am open to different points of view *
7.I can identify the problem, so that, knowing the causes, I can make decisions *
8.I like to inspire people around me *
9.I recognize and manage my emotions *
10.The communication that I receive from the other party is interpreted to detect what their strategy is *
11.I am a creative person, I have new ideas *
12.I am a persuasive person, I use body language to convince others and generate empathy *
13.I offer my collaboration to my team in their projects *
14.I am open to new challenges and work processes *
15.I control my time well and set priorities *
16.I think clearly and rationally, I understand the logical connection between ideas and I like to get involved in independent and reflective thinking. *
17.I consider myself effective and agile when it comes to finding solutions to the problems that have arisen. *
18.I promote trust and recognize achievements *
19.I can recognize the emotions of other people and relate properly to them. *
20.I know what the other party wants and I can handle that information to achieve my goals. *