The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Assesment- Lencioni


The main purpose of evaluation through the Five Team Dysfunctions Assessment is to provide you with an understanding of your team’s particular strengths and areas for development.

For a more accurate and comprehensive analysis, we encourage your team to do the test and then receive a 19-page report with all the data combined (maintaining confidentiality) and tips for actions to be taken (for more information on the report and prices please at contact with me).

Although the evaluation itself provides an interesting perspective, the most important aspect is the discussion it can provoke about specific team issues. <! – more ->

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Assesment- Lencioni 1


Please assign a value to each statement. It is essential for the accurate qualification of this test.

Evaluate the statements honestly and be as objective as possible. Think about your answers, but don’t think too hard about each answer. Your initial “hunch” is usually the best.

Use the scale below to indicate how each statement is applicable to your team. Please remember to use the answer that is closest to what you think

The Five Disputes of a Team test should not take more than 15 minutes. When you’re done, review the results to see how you see the team.

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1.Team members admit their mistakes. *
2.Team members are passionate and unguarded in their discussion of issues. *
3.Team members are quick to point out the contributions and achievements of others. *
4.Team meetings are interesting and compelling (not boring). *
5.During team meetings,the most important -and difficult- issues are discussed. *
6.Team members acknowledge their weaknesses to one another. *
7.Team members voice their opinions even at the risk of causing disagreement. *
8.Team members point out one another’s unproductive behaviors. *
9.The team has a reputation for high performance *
10.Team members ask for help without hesitation. *

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