The Blob Tree Test – ¿How do you feel today?

This is the Blob Tree test created by behavioural psychologist Pip Wilson, who is a psycho-educational gamester and EQ developer. This test helps us to recognize and strengthen emotions, and to some extent, understand our social status in society too. Each blob figure in this picture is in a different mood and has a different position on the tree.

How to use the Blob tree emotional test – There are hundreds of ways to use this image.

Each of the “blobs” in the tree has a different mood and have a different position. These are a variety of characters that express a variety of feelings. It is very important to use “blob”, instead of him or her, since they are not white men or women, they have no gender or color

The tree represents a place, a group or an organization. It could be your family, a club, a group of friends, a church, a school, an office, a company or organization, a football or expedition team, or even how you find your life right now. The tree, it is not limited to one place and can be used in any context.

There is a platform and a swinging rope. What do they symbolize? What can they represent? Safety, leadership, separation, fun, waste … Everything depends on how you feel when you look at them, and how you feel that day. Sometimes there is more than one tree, because the way other groups interact with us affects how our group feels.

You can repeat the test in different days and circumstances.

And now take some time to observe the tree and select the”blob” number you have more affinity:
test del árbol de blob


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