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Team Building and Business Strategy Workshops with LEGO Serious Play

Development of Team Building and Business Strategy Workshops with LEGO® Serious Play®


In today’s business world, effective collaboration and creativity are essential for the success of any organization. To foster these crucial aspects, innovative methodologies like LEGO® Serious Play® have emerged, combining play with business strategy. In this article, we will explore how Team Building, Team Coaching, Business Strategy, and Design Thinking workshops, based on the LEGO® Serious Play® methodology, can transform the working dynamics in companies in Madrid, Barcelona, and throughout the peninsula, including the Balearic and Canary Islands.

The LEGO® Serious Play® Methodology

What is LEGO® Serious Play®?

LEGO® Serious Play® is a unique methodology that uses LEGO® pieces as tools for communication and problem-solving. Through play, participants can express complex ideas visually, promoting collaboration and creative thinking.

Benefits of LEGO® Serious Play®

This methodology offers a series of benefits:

  1. Fosters Creativity

Building models with LEGO® sparks imagination and generates creative solutions for business challenges.

  1. Improves Communication

Play facilitates open and effective communication, allowing participants to share their thoughts unconventionally.

  1. Boosts Teamwork

Collaborative construction strengthens relationships among team members and promotes mutual trust.

  1. Stimulates Innovation

LEGO® Serious Play® provides a unique approach to addressing problems, potentially leading to innovative ideas and disruptive solutions.

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Available Workshops

  1. Team Building

The Team Building workshop with LEGO® Serious Play® is designed to enhance cohesion and collaboration within teams. Through playful activities, team members will explore group dynamics and strengthen interpersonal bonds.

  1. Team Coaching

Team Coaching greatly benefits from the LEGO® Serious Play® methodology. Participants can express their challenges and goals tangentially, facilitating the identification of areas for improvement and the planning of effective strategies.

  1. Business Strategy

Business strategy requires vision and creativity. With LEGO® Serious Play®, teams can visualize future scenarios, identify opportunities, and develop robust strategic plans.

  1. Design Thinking

The human-centered approach of Design Thinking is amplified with LEGO® Serious Play®. Participants can represent customer needs and prototype solutions more effectively.

Multicultural Facilitator

A Unique Approach

As a multicultural facilitator, I bring a unique perspective to the workshops. With experiences in over 40 countries, my diverse viewpoint enriches team dynamics and promotes cross-cultural understanding.

40 Years, 40 Countries, 40000 Stories

This extensive professional and facilitator experience translates into not just numbers but inspiring stories illustrating how collaboration and creativity transcend borders.

Location and Where I Go

I conduct workshops in Madrid, Barcelona, and various points across the peninsula, including the Balearic and Canary Islands. Also, worldwide. I am committed to bringing the LEGO® Serious Play® methodology to any corner where innovation and teamwork are valued.


Team Building, Team Coaching, Business Strategy, and Design Thinking workshops based on LEGO® Serious Play® offer a fresh and effective perspective for addressing business challenges. Through play and construction, creativity, collaboration, and innovation are promoted, propelling companies towards success in an increasingly competitive world.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do we need prior experience with LEGO® to participate?

No, the methodology is accessible to everyone, regardless of their experience with LEGO®.

  1. What is the ideal group size for these workshops?

The size can vary, but generally from 8 to 32 participants to ensure effective interaction.

  1. What tangible results can we expect from these workshops?

Participants can expect enhanced team cohesion, innovative solutions, and improved communication.

  1. How long does each workshop last?

The duration can vary based on the workshop type, but typically ranges from half a day to a full day.

  1. How can we schedule a workshop at our location?

You can access the provided link at the end of the article for more information and to schedule a workshop at your company.

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