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These are some of the methodologies that I combine for workshops tailor made to your needs

Methodologies for Executive Development 1

Lego Serious Play

A powerful process designed to develop competencies allowing innovation and creativity to improve performance, communication and problem solving connecting the hands with the brain and 100% participation

Methodologies for Executive Development 2


Through the integration of the progress in NLP with Systems Theory, cybernetics and the work of G. Bateson, I apply the models developed by John McWhirter that explains why change occurs in detail and how to act.
Methodologies for Executive Development 3

Systemic Coaching

A system is a set of inter-related elements, so knowing that a change in an element modifies the whole system, we can access the systemic dynamics of the teams and organisations to act with enhanced precision.

Methodologies for Executive Development 4


Knowing the personality of organizations through organizational psychoanalysis and SSM, will allow their leaders to manage the course of their business successfully and, above all, know how to manage their human capital.


Agile Methodologiess

I am a "craftsman" who models and builds

Methodologies for Executive Development 5

When I design trainings and workshops, I promote active learning and I design them based on the people will attend, their characteristics, the topics to address and the training objectives of my clients.

Everything is subtly connected and some toxic dynamics in some parts of the organization may be affecting other parts or the entire organization.
Methodologies for Executive Development 6

Succesful Cocktail

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