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Lego Serious Play Workshops Barcelona

LEGO Serious Play workshops Barcelona 2023

For your teams or your company event

Need a fun team building activity or a new method to engage and inspire your staff? 

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 👫👬👭👭Lego® Serious Play® Workshops are perfect for teams that want to learn and grow together. Are you looking for a unique and very fun learning experience? If so, then LEGO Serious Play workshops Barcelona could be just what you’re looking for …

A LEGO workshop may sound like playing with bricks. Yet the methodology has a serious and potentially transformative purpose. That is why it is called “Serious Play”. LEGO® Serious Play® is used in academic and corporate institutions around the world. It is based on the theories of constructivism. We learn when our experiences and ideas interact. And we learn when we physically construct an object. It is widely recognized that children can learn by playing, and therefore the same can be applied to adults …

The Lego Serious Play Method

The Lego Serious Play method is ideal for a working-play day with staff or team. For any session aimed at bringing people together. Promote a better understanding of the company’s objectives and values.

Talleres Lego Serious Play Barcelona

The Lego Serious Play Workshops Barcelona 2023 an Events

Lego Serious Play workshops foster better understanding of working relationships. They help recognize and celebrate the diversity of people and approaches within teams.

Lego workshops can be adapted to different organizational needs. Typically, the main focus is one of the following:

  • teamwork
  • problem solving
  • creative thinking

LEGO Serious Play works because through this engaging method, attendees can:

thinking divergently (embracing creativity and spontaneity)

  • Generate ideas both individually and in a group. It can be twice as productive as coming up with ideas on your own.
  • Play to unlock the imagination.  Adults need to rediscover play to access innovative solutions.
  • Storytelling:  Storytelling brings people together emotionally. It also promotes a deeper understanding about others.

I am a Certified Facilitator in Lego Serious Play® Methodology.

With more than 100 workshops and events, my record of people in a workshop is 196. I add all my experience to make it something unique and different from what you find out there…

Lego Serious Play Workshops Barcelona

Pedro Solórzano – Certified Facilitator

I am a certified LEGO Serious Play facilitator. I regularly use this innovative and fun methodology in companies. I help people to explore their professional lives, values and in depth vision.

Do not hesitate to contact me for Lego Serious Play Barcelona 2023 workshops.

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