Lego® Serious Play®
Virtuoso - Play Pro!

Lego Serious Play

Generate innovative ideas for organizational development
Improve creativity and the Team Spirit… Playing seriously.

Innovación y Estrategia con Lego Serious Play

Innovation & Strategies

Develop creative thinking to transform ideas into concepts. Examine, evaluate and explore relationships with stakeholders and clients to improve innovation or strategies with Lego Serious Play.

Explora estrategias con Lego Serious Play

Change & Development

Lego® Serious Play® key tools to manage, facilitate and implement structural changes in the organisation. Encourage Organizational, Team and People development, participation and communication with Lego Serious Play

Responsabilidad Social Corporativa con Lego Serious Play

Corporate Social Responsibility

Lego Serious Play is a methodology with an integrating approach that provides people with key tools to develop a model and a road map of actions in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Do you want to experience a Lego®Serious Play® workshop for your Team or in your Company?

Find Answers

With Lego Serious Play, find answers to achieve your goals.

Define your vision

About the problem that you want to solve using a 3D model, connecting head, hands and heart.

Acknowledge and Agree

Learn and develop knowledge from what you experience and build during the process. By recognizing others we develop empathy and build trust.

Provide Solutions

There are many possible solutions to a problem, represent them in a comprehensible way with a Lego Serious Play Workshop for Companies or Teams.

Taller Lego Serious Play

Lego Presentation

With Lego Serious Play you will get more participation, better ideas, expand knowledge, improve communication and have lots of fun. You will achieve greater commitment and faster implementation of the solutions agreed by the participants with a Lego Serious Play workshop

Lego® Serious Play®

An original and innovative methodology to facilitate reflection, communication and problem solving that can be used by organisations and work teams, with 100% participation.

A process that helps participants to externalize their thoughts; building physical models using LEGO pieces; stimulating and enriching the thought process; their subsequent communication to others through metaphors and a generous listening on the part of all.

Team Building - Increase Participation - Think outside the box" - Explore with Imagination

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