Leadership Development

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Leadership Development

For a long time, we thought about the need to offer companies and teams a totally experiential training experience that would mark differences with what currently exists in the market and in which we could combine experience, knowledge, development of people and teams, social responsibility in an exclusive and impressive format. Cumbre® is the result of all these aspirations that is born from our enthusiasm and passion.

Cumbre® is a well-designed training program that will allow your company to improve the competencies of staff members in leadership development, team management, relationships, creativity, innovation.

Desarrollo del Liderazgo


The training is carried out in a room, recreating the context and place of the expedition through scenarios and both at a visual, auditory and kinesthetic level of the landscapes and situations that can happen on an ascent to Everest or K2.

The top of Everest or K2 represents the problems or aspirations of the team, therefore Cumbre® is designed as a framework in which the experience is personalized to meet the leadership development objectives.

Leadership Development 1

The 10 Dimensions

10 dimensions that represent an internal and external journey of leaders and teams towards excellence.

The program is based on a combination of the most demanded topics in the company: The 5 dysfunctions of the Lencioni, Disc, Tuckman, Belbin Roles teams. Adding current scenarios and disruptive future scenarios.

The program is modular and I can adapt it to the needs of your leaders and teams. Program it in its entirety or hire the dimensions applicable to your leaders or teams, and may include other dimensions that you want to apply according to your culture or needs.

A unique and modular program, which you will not find anywhere, developed by a team with great experience in the mountains and in the areas of marketing, hr, design thinking, facilitation, agile processes and state-of-the-art learning tools.

Leadership Development 2

Results & Objectives

  • They trust each other
  • They participate in conflicts over ideas without filtering them
  • They commit to decisions and action plans.
  • They hold each other accountable for meeting objectives and goals.
  • They focus on achieving collective results.

The result is a cohesive and outstanding team.

An unrepeatable and unforgettable experience

A very balanced combination of little theory and a lot of practice, experiential learning, high impact dynamics, group coaching, story-telling, behavior modeling, problem solving, complex decision making, 100% participation, discussions and reflection.

Say goodbye to boring workshops that don’t bring results. Participants consistently rate Summit® with very high scores for practicality, interactivity, impact, participation, usefulness, effectiveness, and fun.

Desarrollo del liderazgo
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