In company programs

In company programs

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In company programs

Design of incompany programs promoting active learning and taking into account the people and company it is aimed at, their characteristics, the topics to be addressed and the training objectives of my clients and their companies.

A system is a set of inter-related elements, so knowing that a change in one element modifies the whole set, we access the systemic dynamics of teams and companies to act with precision.

Knowing the personality of organizations through organizational analysis will allow their leaders to successfully direct the course of their business and, above all, know how to manage their human capital.

Programas in company

Speed x Flexibility x Focus

Everything is subtly connected and some unhelpful dynamics in some parts of the organization could be affecting other parts or the entire organization. That is why I am very careful with the methodologies that I apply.

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Innovative In company programs

  • XFunctional Teams
  • DISC to Relate
  • Working the 5 Dysfunctions
  • DISC communication
  • Conflict management
  • The Negotiation Pentagon
  • Leader-Coach
  • Teamwork
  • Time management

These programs are designed according to the needs of each company or team, placing emphasis on those points that are to be strengthened, carrying out in the first instance a study of the company requesting the service, its expectations and needs, in addition to adapting it to professionals. to whom it will be addressed.

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Team In company programs

DISC A method that allows us to understand the behavior of a person and a team. Interior Dismissal A process of disengagement that causes communication and relationships to suffer. Functional Teams Based on the 5 dysfunctions of the teams. Achieve excellence by responding maturely and intelligently to each of them.

Online Programs

Online programs offer you an individualized and collaborative experience.

Immersive and fluid programs. You will share opinions, knowledge and feelings in large and small groups with activities for everyone.

I adapt the programs so that they have an impact, on alternate or consecutive days and for a duration of two hours a day so that they have the desired impact and above all do not distract from daily tasks.

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