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How to prepare Lego Serious Play workshops

To prepare Lego Serious Play Workshops using bricks, figures and Lego pieces to express feelings and ideas is fun.
The structure of the process is focused on building metaphors through constructions. This may sound strange at first, but our research shows that almost anyone can do the construction and then express and understand the metaphors. Who has not played with these pieces at some point in his life?. The process offers the possibility for people to exchange ideas in a unique, innovative and powerful way.

I have a great interest in the idea that, if we give people the opportunity to be creative and do things, it often happens that they can communicate in a more complete and reflective way than they do just by talking. For this reason, I work with LEGO Serious Play. I recently developed a workshop for researchers in an on-boarding session of a company to share their vision of how they look in the organization to see that they rely on the values and competencies of their level to share feelings, visions, feedback and development of ideas about the organization and its mission and vision.

One of the keys to the success of  Lego Serious Play workshops is that through expressing their feelings and to build them in Lego, all members of the group share the meaning of their model, because they all build and all talk about what they have created; the best thing is that after that you also have the opportunity to create a whole common and shared landscape because you can literally see it, touch it and change it to review and include the perceptions of all, collaborate together to make them fit in a coherent and meaningful way.

The official version of the LEGO Serious Play process is brilliant, but it is heavy. Literally because of the amount of pieces is like that. The LEGO ® Serious Play ® identity and landscape game (Lego 2000430 game), which is the best of the Lego serious Play kits, contains 2.631 pieces and sells for about 700 euros on the Lego website.

I prepare lego serious play workshops in depth then I take all materials in a trolley or a watertight suitcase (cover photo), this is enough for a workshop for 12 people from half a day to two days. For more complex and systemic issues where you need to demonstrate connections, relationships, business structure, agents and as all this responds to the change LEGO ® SERIOUS Play ® Connections Kit (Lego game 2000431).

Prepare LEGO Serious Play workshop involves a lot of different tasks, from the selection and sorting of the materials, which are excellent products, chosen with great care and intelligence, especially if it is for more than 12 people, where more construcions are needed. Then it comes in the subject of questions or challenges of construction that have to be very specific framed in the objectives of the workshop and agreed with the organization or the part that contract the workshop LEGO Serious Play (LSP).

For a long time, I’ve been fascinated by the question of how small you can make the piece pack to be able to deliver a meaningful experience of serious LEGO gaming. Make it easy to carry, simple to do, but still powerful.

I know that you can have a very good experience of Lego serious play with only The LEGO ® Serious Play ® Window exploration Bag, which you must buy in boxes of 100 bags (Lego set 2000409, currently 315). Especially for team building activities. Those bags were intended only for very basic introductory exercises, but you can actually do a lot with them (less, more). Each bag contains 49 pieces and has a price of 3.60 euros each, although the issue is that you have to buy 100 of them with what you get in 359.99 euros. For a part-time workshop adding the LEGO ® SERIOUS PLAY ® Intro Kit (Lego set 2000414) with a value of 26.99 you would have enough, you can even use a set per participant. Although you see the game of identity and scenery would cover that need.

Once everything is prepared you have to focus on the process of the workshops LEGO Serious Play (LSP) and what emerges and happens with the participants. The model and metaphor are not questioned, but if you can ask for details (meaning of some color, or something that has not been explained, clarify something that has not been said or is not clear, etc).

The most important thing during the workshop is to flow and to flow among the participants who take an innovative and powerful process, that do not forget because they are their models and their construction and have made models and metaphors individual and collective and will come out with more Knowledge of themselves, of their companions and with a shared vision, will improve the communication, they will train the story telling and above all they will enjoy to the maximum.

I am a certified facilitator in LEGO ® SERIOUS PLAY ® methodology and Materials

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