pedro Solorzano DKN
40 countries.
40 thousand stories.
40 years.

Fearless Multicultural Facilitator.
Resetting teams to achieve better results.

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Pedro offers specific light for those things that are difficult to see and that get in the way to block the development, results and efficiency of the teams.

I understand...
  • your teams are very focused on technology, but relationships, communication and soft skills are so so…
  • your processes are highly optimized for production, but you find that something is missing to encourage collaboration…
  • teams are becoming more and more plural and multidisciplinary, and diversity management is becoming an “Everest” for you. You feel that you are not taking full advantage of the opportunities of globalization and openness to new profiles.

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workshops y talleres
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"one off"

workshops with an unforgettable experience to help your teams take off.

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"service pack"

a bespoke work model based on workshops, mentoring, and coaching to help your teams soar

5 areas.

5 areas DKN

5 steps.

Fearless Multicultural Facilitator for Teams


Organization and control to improve your teams' quality of life.

darkness map.

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Illuminate dysfunctional attitudes and behaviors that are difficult to spot, and hold back your team's success. Providing a specific light to help your organization and teams achieve their goals.

Fearless Multicultural Facilitator for Teams

SHADOW state

There is something that’s bothering you, but you’re still pushing forward.


Something is preventing you from functioning normally and is limiting your results.

RESET state

Things are not going well, and it’s time to introduce change that will spark a new vision and attitude within your team.

some of the companies that have already trusted me.

meet Pedro 萬峻全

facilitador multicultural


I truly believe that I was born to facilitate. Some people become facilitators, but I think I was born with this calling. I give my all, literally.

It all started with the way I was born. Under the light of a candle, in a very small and dark room during a power outage, I felt at that moment that my purpose would always be to seek the light to move forward and survive.

 My mission is clear. To bring my special vision of how teams function to help companies face the challenges presented by today’s high-uncertainty and changing environments.

I have worked in more than 40 countries and lived through thousands of stories. Some very good (like my Chinese name given by a feng shui master), and some not so much. Always with people of different cultures, religions, values, languages, and ways of thinking.

Fearless Multicultural Facilitator for Teams

From Darkness to Light: The Facilitator's Path

The most important things to become an impactful facilitator are more than 40 years of experience, working in over 40 countries and bringing with me over 40,000 stories.

Learning from failures and encounters, embracing the power of diversity, adapting to change, and understanding and coexisting in different cultures.

Having experienced the good and not-so-good moments, all of which add to your knowledge and leave a lasting impact. And then, time, time to slowly cook all of that knowledge that translates and transforms into truth.

The Facilitator’s Path is a guide with more than 40 resources and shortcuts to level up. It’s about becoming a professional who motivates, inspires, and makes things happen with every intervention.

Join me on this path of learning and transformation!