Lego Serious Play Facilitator, Trainer and Coach

I’m Pedro Solórzano: Specialist in Organizational Design and Change Management.

I Can Help You!

Do you need professional support in your company change manangemenrt and with teams in CSR, Leadership, and Emotional and Conversational Intelligence topics?


Unleash the potential of your teams, to communicate and relate positively to achieve extraordinary results.


Tailor-made training in skills and competencies with experiential methodology to achieve the teams or company objectives.

Play Strategy

Lego® Serious Play® is a process designed to improve innovation, communication and problem solving in companies and teams.


Many professionals offer similar programs and you may not yet know whom to choose.


I am an Expert in Agile and Lean Processes, I will analyze your needs and your teams performance to implement agile processes that generate real results. Integral and systemic approaches to achieve  sustainable development that is maintained over time


“ The great experience and knowledge of Pedro, together with the way in which he transmits it has been really stimulating. With Pedro, prepare to get light in the dark, method in chaos and creativity in stagnation. An extraordinary experience ”

Raúl Perlasca

Mi history

Always willing and enthusiastic to support executives, teams and organizations to facilitate their transformation and improvement.

I have lived and worked in the 5 continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Oceania) multiculturalism is part of my DNA and has given me more flexibility and understanding.

Knowing and interacting with people from so many cultures and companies and from such diverse backgrounds has given me a wealth of knowledge, experiences and a broad cultural background.

Being a Trainer and Coach I am convinced that teams can improve their efficiency and effectiveness, that is why I am passionate about helping people and teams to co-create new realities that will transform them and make them shine.

Let me help you to achieve your goals applying the appropriate processes.

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Lego Serious Play Facilitator, Trainer and Coach I'm Pedro Solórzano: Specialist in Organizational Design and Change Management. Services Know More I Can H

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