Lego® Serious Play® Facilitator, Trainer & Coach

Hi, I’m Pedro Solórzano

Organizational Design and Executive Development for Future Scenarios

Agile Coaching

Increase your awareness and accelerate your team performance to achieve extraordinary results.

Lego Serious Play

Improve innovation and performance in your company with the Lego ® Serious Play ® Methodology

I help you to achieve success

How to develop companies and teams to help us cope with current and future challenges?

Developing and enhancing effective communication skills, teamwork, collaboration, leadership and agile methodologies in your organization at all levels.

Team building

Leadership Development

Problem Solving

Accelerate Innovation and creativity

Create a shared vision

100% Participation

Find solutions to complex problems

Develop sustainable and effective strategies

Agile Coaching

It all begins with setting goals, positive intent one and continues to give good steps

Lego® Serious Play®

An innovative process designed to improve innovation, communication and problem solving

Training y Workshops

Customized Training following a methodology experience in order to achieve the objectives of the company


Talks and conferences based on values, energetic, fun and modern topics of neuroscience and innovation

Why Choose me?

I am an expert on visualizing the “big picture” and to build and test with future scenarios if the strategy of the company is sustainable. I am able to point out the challenges for the organisation (the weaknesses) and can help you to reorganize to company and the teams to a more sustainable model that will be ready for disruptions in the market.

I am an expert in Agile and Lean Processes, I analyze your needs and the operation of your teams to implement agile processes that will generate real results.

Tailor-made interventions

All the processes I work I do tailored to your needs I want to know and meet you to offer a real value proposition.


I can show you the challenges your organization faces (weaknesses)


I can help you in the reorganization of your company to have a sustainable model that is ready for the disjunctions of the market.


I have extensive professional experience both in executive positions, as well as in training and consultancy.


Agile approach in the design, modeling and remodeling present and future of the Organization with a vision of the whole.

About me

Always willing and enthusiastic to support executives, teams and organizations for their development, transformation and improvement.

I have lived and worked in the 5 continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Oceania).
Knowing and interacting with people from so many cultures and companies in such diverse fields has provided me with a wealth of knowledge, experience, flexibility, adaptability and extensive cultural background.

I am convinced that teams can improve their efficiency, effectiveness and efficiency (EEE) and that is why  I am so passionate about supporting people and teams to co-create new realities that will make them shine.


“With Pedro prepare to gain light in the dark, method in chaos and creativity in stagnation. An extraordinary experience. “

“Pedro’s great experience and knowledge, accompanied by the way he transmits it. It’s been really stimulating. “

“Pedro managed to open my mind to focus in the real important things and get  a different perspective.”

Selected Clients

Select the best combination

Corporate Training


Corporate Training tailor-made to your needs for the team and organization

Lego Serious Play workshops

Lego® Serious Play®

I am a certified facilitator in Lego® Serious Play® methodologies and materials

coaching and mentoring

Agile Coaching

Support your leaders or teams through comprehensive and agile coaching processes

Organizational design. Set your goals.

Accept the challenges.

Make the difference.

Make a change in your way of seeing and doing things, in your feelings that enhance and enrich your personal and professional life. Become the protagonist of your life.

Is there something you want to change or improve in your organization or team? I am a facilitator in the methodology LEGO ® Serious Play ®, Master and Agile Coah, I offer workshops and workshop with methodology LEGO ® Serious Play ®

I will continuously  support you so that the change that you are looking for or doing is an achievable, sustainable and lasting change in time.

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