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DISC & Motivators Assesments

TTI Success Insights® DISC

DISC is the most widely used behavior assessment tool, measuring four styles of behavior: dominance, influence, stability, compliance.

DISC measures how a person behaves. All levels within an Organization can benefit from the information it provides.

It is usually used to improve self-knowledge, teamwork, and understanding communication styles. “Treat others as they want to be treated”

DISD y Motivadores

12 Driving Forces® (Motivadores)

12 Driving Forces® (Motivators) discover the “why” behind a person’s actions, showing what drives their behavior. Based on the research of Eduard Spranger (1928), motivators reveal how each person is uniquely motivated both in life and at work.

It is used to improve employee engagement, and determine if they fit in with the job and organizational culture.

Talent Insights™

Combining both DISC and 12 Driving Forces behaviors, this is an integrated report that explains the “how” and “why” behind our actions. Talent Insights examines the behaviors people bring to work and the motivations that drive them.

It is commonly used to engage employees, train leaders, build better communication, and select team members.

This powerful combination produces a 35+ page report that covers 3 sections: Behaviors, Motivators and includes a section that explores how an individual’s motivators can affect their DISC behavior style and vice versa.

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Different types of assessments:

  • Job Profile
  • Candidate selection process
  • Position-Candidates Comparison
  • Coaching and Development: General, Executive, Sales and Coaching.

Common Uses of DISC and Motivator Reports

The DISC and JOB MOTIVATORS reports are flexible, accurate, and allow rigorous conclusions to be drawn. TALENT INSIGHTS reports are used in the following areas:

Recruitment: Recruitment and selection, Induction, Job Benchmarking.

Training and Development: Leadership Development, Communication Effectiveness, Team Effectiveness, Sales Development, Customer Service Training, Coaching / Mentoring Relationships

Strategy and Management: Skills and Development Frameworks, Commitment and Motivation, Planning and Strategy, Change Management, Conflict Resolution, Outplacement, Culture and Transformation

Personal: Personal Effectiveness, Family Relations, Marriage Counseling, Career Planning.

Disc y Motivadores

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