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Change Management

Energy as the main change engine

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Energy Management

Effective change has to do with the management of energy in your company.
Every organization has an energy level, and when it generates enough energy, you can use it to make a lasting change. But if your energy reserves are running out, your efforts to change will quickly fade away.

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Systemic Program

To be effective, a change program has to be holistic. Based on the "6 Batteries of Change" model by Peter De Prins, Geert Lettens and Kurt Verweire, we establish what aspects of the business generate energy for change and how to use that energy for a lasting and effective change and growth in your organization.

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6 Intervention Areas

There are six key areas in your organization that must be energized for change to succeed. Rational batteries cover the "hardware of change": strategy, management infrastructure and planning & execution. Emotional batteries affect the "software of change", including the dynamics within your leaders, team, people and Culture.

The 6 Batteries of Change

Clear Strategy

A solid strategy is crucial to make change happen and for everyone in your organization to work towards the same goals.

Ambitious Top Team

The most important source of energy is your team of leaders; it drives change by establishing great goals and ambitious aspirations.

Management Infrastructure

The bridge between the strategy and the many projects that help implement it. It is made up of structures and systems that help managers run their organization.

Healthy Culture

Culture can either allow change, or be a barrier for it to happen. In environments that are open, collaborative and receptive to new ideas, change is more likely to be more successful.

Planning and Execution

An effective change requires a solid process and project management. This is where your strategy translates into clear customer benefits and better organizational capabilities.

Strong Connection employees

In order for change to be maintained and continue, all members of your organization must commit to it. Your teams must be willing to accept the change and opportunities it provides.

A program that WORKS!

An effective change management program addresses the root causes of an organization’s problems, and can use the change batteries model to get a clear overview of what the challenges are.

A successful and effective change program should infuse positive energy to “the six batteries.” However, only 35% of the companies surveyed were energized and healthy, suggesting that most organizations do not reach the ideal state of six fully charged batteries that allow them to deal with the change effectively.

I make a diagnosis of the battery status of your organization and with the result we can establish the “recharge plan” for the optimal operation of your business and company.

Effective Change Management

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