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because you know, as I do, that what cannot be measured cannot be improved.




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DKN Personalized map

you can now start your diagnosis according to the DKN method. you are less than two minutes away from knowing in which zone your team is.

discover the shadows that are preventing your team from accessing the best solutions to gain productivity and good vibes!

Coaching Tools

here you can find the collection of tests and evaluations that have served me most and best in my career.

private self-diagnostics.

+ internationally recognized

+ exclusive methodologies

+ prepared for self-assessment

+ company use

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self-assessment with a standard methodology, very similar to the original proposal.

100% objective type of result, with almost no expert interpretation.

Rueda de las competencias ejecutivas

the Executive Competencies wheel

professional tool for coaching. An evaluation system to identify the gap between your competencies and those demanded by the current market.

Coaching Tools

the Wheel of Life

personal/professional coaching tool. An evaluation system to identify the gap between the different areas of your life.

test de liderazgo situacional

Situational Leadership test (Hernsey-Blanchard)

the most effective leaders are those who are able to adapt their style to the specific needs of their followers and the situation at hand. Discover your adaptability.

Estilos de manejo de conflicto

Thomas - Kilman conflict management test

think about situations in which you find your desires are different from those of other people. How do you normally respond to such situations? Get to know yourself better

Coaching Tools

assess the psychological safety of your team

professional tool for temas. An evaluation system to identify how psicholical safe is the atmosphere within your team.

test de inteligencias multiples

Howard Gardner multiple intelligences test

each person possesses a different amount or degree of each of these intelligences, but the way in which he or she combines them generates multiple forms of intelligent behavior. Get to know yours

Size M

self-assessment with a standard methodology, very similar to the original proposal.

100% objective type of result, with few interpretations by the expert.

Test de Asertividad

assertiveness self-diagnosis

assertiveness is one of the most in-demand skills. It consists of maintaining one's own interests without attacking those of other people. find out how your assertiveness is.

Test de las 6 baterias del cambio

do you have the energy for change?

professional tool to know how your energy for change is, based on the model of the 6 batteries of change, which I expose in the book: And how do you eat that?

Size L

self-assessment with a mix of standard methodology and adjustments with own indicators. Adapted result
with a variant of day-to-day application based on the experience of analysis and interpretation of historical evaluations.

100% objective type of result, with some expert interpretation. Designed to be used by entire companies and teams. Partial and group evaluation, analysis of arithmetic averages.

evalúa la cultura de tu empresa

assess your company's culture

A professional tool for facilitators and HR departments, it establishes a picture as a starting point of how the company culture is and from there improve any of the 10 areas that need attention.

Test Eneagrama

Risso Hudson Enneagram test (ITA)

the enneagram is a model that allows us to understand our personality type with its motivations, emotions, ways of filtering and understanding life and with its characteristic behaviors and its modes of functioning and its traps.

encuesta de clima laboral

assess your company's work climate

a tool for taking a snapshot of an organization's internal climate resulting from the behavior of its members and serving to interpret situations and guide the organization's activities.

Coaching Tools

assess the Internal Communication

professional tool to obtain information on the state of your company's internal communication, in order to maintain the positive aspects and improve the weak ones.

Size XL

Exclusive self-assessment, internationally licensed TTI Success Insights according to the original methods.

100% objective type of result, with a detailed report of expert recommendations. Strengths and opportunities for improvement. Designed to be used by entire companies and teams. Individual and group assessment (ask questions), arithmetic mean analysis.

Coaching Tools

Coaching Tools

DISC Assessment for Personal Profiles

Through these assessments you can learn about your behavioral style, strengths and areas for improvement to generate a personalized action plan, understand how you are perceived and learn how to adapt to each style to be more effective in your performance.

Coaching Tools

DISC for job definition and selection

Through these evaluations we can know the behavioral style of the candidates, their strengths and areas for improvement. In addition, through JOB assessments we define the ideal profile of a position and then compare it with the candidates.

Coaching Tools

Motivators for Personal Profiles Evaluation

Knowledge of motivators helps people understand why they do things, what drives them and what they are passionate about.

Coaching Tools

EQ - Emotional Intelligence

This tool assesses the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power of emotions in order to achieve high levels of cooperation and productivity.

Coaching Tools

DNA Competencies

This assessment allows to know the degree of development of the most important personal skills in professional performance. The TTI DNA Competency Profile measures 23 or 25 non-technical competencies.

Coaching Tools

Comprehensive Vision Capability Assessment - Acumen

Axiology is a mathematically accurate science that objectively identifies how one’s mind analyzes and interprets our experiences. It identifies how we are most likely to react in any given situation.

Coaching Tools

Sales Skills Index

It allows to know the person's understanding of the strategies necessary to be successful in sales, in each of its facets, in any commercial environment.

Coaching Tools

Work Stress Assessment

These assessments measure the stress felt by individuals in 7 specific factors of their work environment, show the symptoms in individuals and the balance between the negative and positive effects of stress.

Coaching Tools

DISC+MOTIVATORS for personal profiles

These Talent Insights assessments not only measure the 2 dimensions separately, but also analyze how Motivators can affect Behaviors. Talent Insights was developed as the world's first multi-science assessment.

Coaching Tools

DISC+ Emotional Intelligence

It is the most accurate online multiscience assessment on the market, combining the TTI EQ assessment with the DISC assessment.

Coaching Tools

Trimetrix EQ Disc +Motivators +Emotional Intelligence

This is the tool that combines three cutting-edge assessments to take your training and coaching processes to the next level;

Coaching Tools

Trimetrix DNA Disc+Motivators +Dna Competencies

A novel and powerful approach provides a framework for understanding people, developing individual potential, growth opportunities and improvement plans.