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More than 20 years of experience as a facilitator and coach

Business Training. I creatively facilitate the development of people and teams through tailor-made training framed in change management, organizational happiness, digital transformation and focused on leadership, innovation, communication and negotiation.

Master in Leadership and Communication from the University from Malaga, Master Coach, Master in PNL DBM®. Business Coach Specialist in DBM® Systemic Consulting, Lego® Serious Play® Certified Facilitator, Expert in Change Management and Project Management with Lean Approaches.

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How do I work

Trust Commitment Development

I have lived and worked in a wide variety of countries and cultures, including America (Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Bolivia and Ecuador), Southeast Asia (Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong), Oceania (Australia, New Zealand) and Europe (United Kingdom, Estonia, Czech Republic, Austria, Portugal and Spain).

Meeting and interacting with people from so many cultures and companies from such diverse fields has provided him with a wealth of knowledge, experience and a wide cultural baggage.

Support in your development plans

Trainer and Coach across the 5 continents

Knowing the organizational world so well by having more than 37 years of experience working in it, gives you the security that I apply my knowledge and that once we establish relationships I am interested in knowing you well to give you the best of me by choosing the most useful methodologies so that our relationship is a success.

Unique training courses in Spanish and English, with the adaptability and flexibility that living and working in other countries gives you.

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