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My history

I creatively facilitate the development of individuals and teams with tailor made interventions, framed in the digital transformation and focused on leadership, innovation, communication and negotiation.

Since 1984, I have worked as a manager in a wide variety of organizations and industries. I previously held CEO, Executive Director, Commercial Director and Operations Director positions.
I have lived and worked in many countries and cultures, including America (Puerto Rico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Bolivia and Ecuador), Southeast Asia (Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong), Oceania (Australia, New Zealand) and Europe (United Kingdom, Estonia, Czech Republic, Austria and Spain).
Knowing and interacting with people from so many cultures and companies and in such diverse fields has provided a wealth of knowledge, experiences and a broad cultural background.
Since 2006 I have facilitated workshops, given lectures and inspired people so that their talent, leadership and communication flows in organizations. I put all my experience and knowledge at the service of people and organizations.


I trust you, your uniqueness and that you will achieve what you aim to. Trust in our professional relationship, Confidence in the support I will offer you so you can shine with coaching in Malaga.


I firmly believe in the development of your potential, in your qualities and your competencies. I believe that personal and professional development involves a lot of effort and recognition.


I am committed to you, to give you the best of me, to get the best out of you. I trust that with your commitment we can make progress towards those goals that you have set step by step. Committed to life


Master in Leadership and Communication from the University of Malaga, Master Coach, Practitioner and Master Practitioner in NLP with DBM®.

Development Behavioural Modeling DBM® Systemic Consultancy Specialist, Certified Lego® Serious Play® Facilitator, Expert in Project Management with Lean Approaches.

All this makes me focus totally on you so you can shine.

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First Class Support


What can I do for you?

Talk to me, I’m sure can help you 

I am certified facilitator in Lego® Serious Play® methodologies and materials

Knowing this, you have the security that I apply the methodology and the use of Lego® materials in a responsible, adequate and effective way, so that you can get the best out of the workshop.

I have worked as Trainer and Coach in the 5 continents

I can offer my training in both Spanish and English. I also apply in my coaching and workshops, flexibility and adaptability, qualities I developed with experience and working and living with different cultures.

I can help you with your executive and organizational development plans

Having more than 35 years of working experience and knowing the organizational world so well, assures you that I will apply all this knowledge and experience in my work to establish a good working relationship with you. I am very keen to become acquainted with you, and by knowing you well, I can give you the best of myself to make you successful.

At your service

Humble, straight forward, observant, wise and continuously learning

Some of the companies I have been working with:

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