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Building teams with Lego

Building teams with Lego: Team building

Building teams with Lego: team building is based on a series of “challenges” proposed by the Facilitator, our spontaneous Lego “responses” and our possibly and shamefully serious explanations for their meaning.

The challenges begin in a direct and literal way (“build a tower in two minutes”), but quickly go to the field of metaphor (“illustrates a bad boss”, “Show your role on the team”). Even with only ten people, it is surprising all the different ways in which a tower can be seen, not to mention the most conceptual models.

Team members participate in the activities with their teams and then think about their own behavior and that of their peers. If you start by building an individual model that needs to be done by each team member (as we discussed earlier), they still have shared models, creating a landscape made up of values models or compertencias or factors to then connect them and explain them.

Team building activities or building LEGO teams with LEGO help teams strengthen their skills to collaborate on a wide range of topics such as breaking the ice, stimulating creativity, improving problem solving or simply Have fun, giving them the opportunity to communicate openly, playing “seriously” and with it enjoying.

The team building workshops using the LEGO methodology and pieces are really fun and much more effective when we use the methodology building teams with Lego and are carried out as part of a continuous program to establish a mentality Winner of the team and a healthy and positive relationship and communication.

Why is LEGO’s use of Serious Play more advantageous than many other team building or equipment building formats?

Think of the many times you will meet during the workday to discuss how to solve a problem, generate ideas, start a project, develop a team, face a crisis or create a new strategy after you have related Openly during the workshop where they have had to “build” and share.

The workshops building teams with Lego by Pedro Solórzano Certified Facilitator in LEGO ® Serious Play ® materials and methodologies ensure that your company has a very visible and effective tool to involve all members of the team. Because let’s be honest, many of the team building activities seem to be guided on many occasions by people who don’t really know how to work with those teams, or with the long-term goals of the team, or of course Long-term results they hope to achieve.

Building teams with Lego uses LEGO ® pieces as a tool to collaborate with (new) team members, helping with the improvement of Crearividad, decision making, team engagement, feedback and many more. Team training experts have found in building teams with Lego Serious Play a combination of fun and learning to achieve better results, breaking barriers and hidden potentials.

Whether it’s to break the ice, stimulate creativity, improve problem solving or just have fun, with building teams with Lego Serious play you’ll find the perfect game to create and consolidate teams. The most memorable moments for me are when during the workshop or later someone who does not normally make your voice heard, is a very young member of the team or has just arrived, tells an idea that surprises the most veteran or experienced participants. You can see how all entrenched hierarchies and constraints dissolve in a really satisfying way, and when that happens, you get totally unexpected results and ideas. People always go far beyond what they think, and in some occasions, surprises are produced by the qualities of a person who has been sharing a desk or office with him/her for years that we didn’t know she had.

Do you want me to provide you with the workshop: building teams with Lego Team building?

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