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Lego Serious Play® Facilitator

I HELP professionals and teams to be agile in these times of change.

Curious about how your leaders and teams can function more efficiently?

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Onsite Programs

I travel anywhere in Spain or the world. Programs in English or Spanish

Online Training

Online workshops and seminars contribute to the improvement and success of your teams and people.

DISC & Driving Forces

Talent assessments and management tools TTI Succcess Insights DISC and Motivators.

Functional Teams

Gaining the necessary clarity on the current situation to help improve your game.

Lego Serious Play

You'll get a clear sense of direction for your business, a thorough evaluation, and faster results.


Facilitation and Coaching to maintain focus and gain professional and personal development.

quality, commitment and innovation

I help you withthe needs of your teams.

I analyze your needs and how your teams work,to implement agile processes that create value and generate real results that are maintained over time.

Always ready and enthusiastic to support executives, teams and organizations to facilitate their transformation and improvement. I have lived and worked on 5 continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Oceania) multiculturalism is part of my DNA and it has given me flexibility. Meeting and interacting with people from so many cultures and companies from so many different fields has provided me with a wealth of knowledge, experiences and a broad cultural background.

I am convinced that teams can improve their efficiency, effectiveness and effectiveness, that is why I am passionate about accompanying people and teams to co-create new realities to transform themselves and be able to shine.


Tools that provide a measurable impact to people and companies

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I want to give my clients the opportunity to have a deeper and more complete understanding of people for recruitment, leadership, development, training and coaching processes. Self-knowledge to help transform that information into solutions for people and teams.

More than 100,000 companies in 90 countries have revolutionized their work culture and experienced improved productivity with TTI Success Insights assessments.

Quality, Commitment and Innovation

My mission is to support you with the needs of your teams so they can truly shine.
Pedro Solórzano

Diversity and Inclusion

Lego Serious Play

I am a Lego Serious Play Facilitator, Expert in Agile and Lean Processes. Organizational design.

Lego Serious Play Facilitator

Your leaders and teams need to align and develop competencies

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An original and innovative methodology that facilitates reflection, increases communication and problem solving skills. Perfect for organizations and work teams. From 4 to more than 100 people. 100% participation A process that helps participants to express  their thoughts, building physical models using LEGO pieces. As a Lego Serious Play facilitator, I stimulate and enrich thought processes, favoring communication and generous listening to the group.

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Lego® Serious Play®

I facilitate creative processes designed to improve innovation, communication and problem solving in the company.
Used by large organizations and their work teams. From 4 to more than 100 people. 100% participation.
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DISC & Driving Forces

Certified Analyst in Talent Assessment and Management Tools TTI Succcess Insights DISC and Motivators.
Comprehensive custom multi-science reports, combining DISC and Driving Forces to provide insight into HOW we behave and WHY we move into action.
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Change Management

Effective change has to do with energy management in your company. And we will use it as the main engine of change.
Every organization has an energy level, and when it generates enough energy, it can use it for lasting change.
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Leadership Development.

Develop the 10 strategic dimensions of your leaders and teams, for optimal development and change management.
The 5 dysfunctions of the teams of Lencioni, Disc, Tuckman, Belbin Roles. Adding current scenarios and future disruptive scenarios.
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Team Coaching

Helps to achieve cohesion in the team and to develop key competences by improving relationships and results.
Accompanying a team in the discovery, redefinition and optimization of its processes and performance.
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To be successful in business, you need a good plan

¿Cómo puedo ayudarte?

Me gusta conocerte, conocer tus necesidades, establecer una estrategia conjunta para maximizar el aprendizaje y el impacto de la formación.

Construimos los escenarios necesarios para alcanzar los objetivos que persigues.

¿Por qué necesitas un buen facilitador y coach?

Necesitas a alguien que pueda hacerte un programa o formación a medida. 

“Un traje lo suficientemente grande le camea todo el mundo pero no le sienta bien a nadie”

¿Quieres saber más sobre Lego® Serious Play®?

Una metodología original e innovadora que facilita la reflexión, aumenta la comunicación y la habilidad de resolución de problemas.

Perfecta para organizaciones y equipos de trabajo. De 4 a más de 100 personas. Participación 100%

Ayuda a los participantes a exteriorizar  sus pensamientos, construyendo modelos físicos utilizando piezas de LEGO.

Como facilitador Lego Serious Play estimulo y enriquezco los procesos de pensamiento, favoreciendo la comunicación y la escucha generosa.​

What they say about me!


Foco y Dirección

Con Pedro prepárate para obtener luz en la oscuridad, método en el caos y creatividad en el estancamiento. Una experiencia extraordinaria y disruptiva
Sarah Taylor
Dpto. Comercial

Agilidad y Energía

Me sorprendió mucho la ágilidad y energía de Pedro. Tuvimos un taller muy innovador y divertido. En un día conseguimos poner las bases de un nuevo producto, 100% recomendable.
Gonzalo Torres
/ IT Specialist

Estimulante y Revelador

La gran experiencia y conocimientos de Pedro, acompañados de la manera cómo los ha transmitido en su capacitación ha sido realmente estimulante.
Raul Perlasca
Emprendedor y CEO
Some of my clients

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